Our response to COVID-19

Stinky Bins continues to operate uninterrupted under the current Stage 4 restrictions. Our company is committed to implementing all practices necessary to keep our community safe. The steps that we are taking during the current epidemic can be found in our COVID Safe Plan.

We’d like to thank our clients for their ongoing support during these unprecedented times. Given that our staff attend multiple properties each day, as an extra precautionary measure, it would be greatly appreciated if you could immediately notify us upon being made aware of any suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases at your property.

Our services will continue to operate unless directed by the Department of Health and Human Services, in which we will notify you accordingly. Where possible, we will give ample warning, however, due to the constantly evolving nature of this crisis, we cannot guarantee whether an impending announcement will restrict our ability to continue.

If you require a copy of our COVID Safe Plan, it can be downloaded here.

What are we doing to help minimise the spread of COVID-19?

Our staff have been advised that they:

  • must apply hand sanitiser between properties.
  • must avoid the unnecessary touching of common property; where possible, staff will only touch the bins.
  • must always wear a face mask (or adequate covering) when outside of their vehicle.
  • must avoid touching their face while conducting their work.
  • must remain at least 1.5m away from others at all times during the course of their work. If there is a resident in the bin area or trying to pass on common property, they must move to allow space for them to vacate the area.
  • must travel in different vehicles, unless they are from the same household (e.g. husband and wife team).
  • must advise us and cease work immediately if they: a) develop symptoms of COVID-19; b) have been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19; or c) have been diagnosed with COVID-19.
In addition, we have asked our staff to log their arrival and departure times for each property that they attend. It is a requirement of the Department of Health and Human Services that we keep the data for properties that our staff visit for longer than fifteen minutes. We have made the decision to extend this requirement to logging all of our attendance and departure times for each property.


How do I request the most recent attendance times for my property?

If you require the details regarding our staff’s most recent visit, please email Ben Mackinlay, our Operations Manager at ben@stinkybins.com.au.

What will Stinky Bins do in the event of a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 among their staff?

In the event of the above, we will notify the managing agents of all properties that the staff member has serviced. In addition, we will also provide the details pursuant to their most recent attendance(s).

Stinky Bins will also notify the Department of Health and Human Services and WorkSafe Victoria, and await further instruction. 

I’ve seen one of your staff fail to comply with the directions of the DHHS. How do I report this?

We take the current restrictions very seriously. In the event that you have seen one of our staff fail to comply with the necessary COVID-Safe practices, please email Ben here.

I have a question that hasn’t been covered here, what can I do?

We’re always happy to answer any enquiries regarding the steps that we are taking (and the nature of our business). If you have any questions, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Clicking the ‘Contact Us’ button in the top right hand corner will open up an email to us. Alternatively, you can contact Ben via his mobile: 0400 015 730.

Stay safe,

The Stinky Bins Team

If you require further information in regards to our services during COVID-19, please contact us via email.